Zika Virus and CMV…What Are The Differences?

Zika virus has made headlines and put fear in the hearts of pregnant women everywhere. The most recent numbers suggest over 800 pregnant women have been infected with the virus in the United States. This is a large number of babies who may need special care and therapy after birth. The birth defects can be […]

Which Charities Can You Trust?

With the increased awareness given to breast cancer and the need for research, many honest and reputable charities work hard to raise money to fund that research. But unfortunately, it also has allowed for disreputable charities who seemingly only raise money to pay their officers. So how do you know who to trust? There are […]

Men And Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. Billboards, TV ads and magazines are flooded with pink ribbons encouraging women to be screened for breast cancer. But each year over 2500 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and most will not even realize that is a diagnosis they could receive. The truth is that all people […]

Mammograms – When Should I Start?

Who would have ever thought that the idea of mammograms would be controversial? There are many voices on the subject with varied opinions and women’s groups who advocate for those differing stands. The doctors at The Woman’s Clinic believe the life-saving procedure is warranted every year starting at age 40 for women with average risk […]