My Experience with Prematurity

Last week, we talked about the stress of having a premature baby. Our very own Dr. Meredith Travelstead and her husband know from personal experience how scary it can be to deliver early and they decided to share this personal experience to give parents in similar circumstances some encouragement. This is just one of the […]

When It’s Too Soon

For parents expecting a new baby, the anticipation can be very exciting, but when the baby arrives too early, it can cause worry and fear. Here is some information to help prepare you and ease your anxiety should you find yourself in this position. What to Expect Preterm babies, or preemies, are babies born before […]

Don’t Be A Statistic—Find Out About CMV

CMV is a virus that affects 50-80% of people before age 40, and June is CMV Awareness Month. It is the most common viral infection in infants, can cause serious birth defects, and only 9% of women know about it-and that is why we need awareness. What is CMV? Overview of CMV Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) […]