Back To School Checklist Should Include Check-Up

It’s that time of year … back to school time. If you or your daughter is going off to college, for the first time or for the fourth, it usually means multiple trips to the store and countless checklists. Make sure that list includes a check-up at The Woman’s Clinic. Why A Yearly Physical? Your […]

Got The Shot? No Reason To Skip Annual Exams

HPV-the human papillomavirus-sounds scary, and it certainly can be. While the CDC estimates that nearly 80 million people are infected with HPV, some never show any symptoms of the illness. However, a large number of people with HPV, nearly 30,700 men and women, do end up with a form of cancer caused by HPV. The […]

Sun Protection: More Than Just SPF

It’s summertime, which means many people are packing up their pool and beach bags and planning to spend a lot of time outside. Sunscreen usually tops most people’s lists for beach necessities, but the most important part of sun safety doesn’t boil down to only SPF. In fact, the CDC recommends a host of other […]

Watch Out For Summertime UTIs

Summer, fall, winter, and spring-there’s a season for everything. As we are diving into summer, it’s important to realize that there’s more to worry about than which beach you’re going to and what SPF sunscreen you need. As a woman, you also need to be aware of urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are much more […]