When You Start Getting Mammograms, Make Sure They’re 3D

Routine, preventive care mammograms are a standard in women’s health care, but new research is showing that 3D mammograms are actually more beneficial for cancer screening than others. The American Cancer Society recommends that doctors present mammograms to their patients beginning at age 40, but by 45 they should be routine and done once per […]

3D Isn’t Just The Latest Trend

It becomes increasingly more important as you age to keep tabs on your health and ensure that you make time for yearly wellness exams. In addition to routine exams, doctors recommend adding mammograms to the list of annual tests once you reach your 40s. Doctors have been using traditional mammography for many years, but the […]

Don’t Miss The News

It’s that time of year again. School is back in session, football is underway, and there are already Christmas displays in the stores! And we are busier than ever! Each year we run into the same problem-not enough hours in the day to complete our to-do list, assuming we had time to make a list. […]

Now In 3D

The doctors and staff of The Woman’s Clinic are proud to announce 3D mammography is now available at both the Jackson and Madison offices. This technology brings with it great promise in the ongoing fight against breast cancer. The Woman’s Clinic is on the cutting edge of this technology, as we are the first private […]