A New Family Tradition

The holiday season is upon us, full of traditions passed down from generation to generation. This year, The Woman’s Clinic suggests adding a new tradition to family gatherings-gathering and updating your family medical history. Why Is Family History Important? Many conditions run in families and most specialists treating those conditions stress the importance of the […]

How Winter Babies Help Mom Avoid Postpartum Depression

The birth of a baby is certainly a reason to celebrate. Bringing new life into the world is nothing short of a miracle. The family dynamic will forever be different because of this snuggly bundle of joy. And while many new moms are overcome with love and adoration for their child, they can also be […]

A New Year’s Resolution That Sticks

As the new year approaches, you may be thinking over your 2018 resolutions. Most of America will add diet and exercise to theirs. Will you? Maybe you did last year, and by February your resolutions were long forgotten. Discouraged that your schedule was too crammed and your budget too tight to add “go to the […]