Reduce Cancer Risk By Putting Down Your Drink

There are a host of risk factors which can contribute to occurrence of and deaths from cancer, but some of these risks are less understood than others. Many people know that risk factors like age, diet, weight, level of regular exercise, and environment factors all contribute to developing cancer. And while alcohol use is also […]

Coffee Might Help You With More Than Just Staying Awake And Alert

It’s a pretty common morning routine to wake up and go for the coffee before you’ve even begun your day. If we are all being honest, most of us don’t limit ourselves to just that one cup. Now, there’s good news. The next time you reach for a cup of coffee at home or stop by […]

Resolve To Keep Up With Your Cervical Health This January

One of the best things you can do for yourself in the new year is to ditch generic new year resolutions and pledge to keep tabs on your health and wellness through regular visits to The Woman’s Clinic. The best way to start your year off right is is to pay attention to and educate […]