Is Your Clock Ticking?

Women often make comments, usually in jest, about their clocks ticking. Life is passing by them by, and they’re becoming unable to meet certain milestones or accomplishments. It turns out that perhaps our clocks are ticking, and it’s not a good thing. Beginning in the 1980s, women’s life expectancies have slowly been dropping, ending with […]

A Heart Attack Could Sneak Up On You

February is American Heart Month, a perfect opportunity to continue educating yourself on the importance of heart health and warnings signs of a heart attack. Based on how heart attacks are portrayed in the media, coupled with many people’s understanding of what a heart attack should feel like, it’s not uncommon for people to not […]

Wear Red For A Different Reason This February

It’s certainly not uncommon to see people donning red clothing or red hearts in February in recognition of Valentine’s Day, but this February, you should wear red for a different heart related reason. February is The American Heart Association’s American Heart Month. Why Go Red In February? Heart disease is the leading cause of death […]