Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting teams attempt to prove the existence of invisible beings by collecting other visible clues and evidence. High blood pressure and hypertension are called silent killers, or invisible diseases that cause lasting damage. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a visible clue or test to help identify these diseases and prevent them from […]

Go Ahead, Reach For The Chocolate

Every now and then, you hear on the news about new advancements in health, or you read a study online that gets you really excited. If you’re a chocolate fan, this might be your piece. Recent studies are indicating that in addition to being delicious, chocolate can actually have a positive effect on your brain. […]

Are You One of the Fifty Percent?

If you’re like most women, especially those in “caring” professions such as full-time moms, nurses or teachers, you are more likely to put aside your own health concerns while being the main scheduler for your children or spouse. According to a national survey by GCI Health, HealthyWomen, and Redbook magazine, nearly half of women neglect […]

Give Your Baby Strong Bones

Make no bones about it-calcium is the key to fortifying your developing baby’s bones, teeth and moving blood through the body. Our bodies don’t make calcium so it has to be obtained from other sources, either from food or a supplement. For adult women in pregnancy, the recommended amount is 1000 mg per day, and […]