Don’t Ignore The Thermometer This Summer

It is almost impossible to ignore the thermometer during the summer in Mississippi. With temps reaching the mid to high 90s and high humidity, stepping outside your door can be a challenge on some days. While the heat can pose a lot of problems, it doesn’t have to throw off your regular exercise routine. I’ve […]

What Should Come With Menopause And What Might Be Concerning

Most women know that there’s a time in their life when they’ll go through a hormonal shift, resulting in huge changes to their bodies. This change typically occurs in women in their early 50s, although it can sometimes occur earlier or even throughout your late 50s. The change we’re talking about? Menopause. While there are […]

Welcome Summer, Welcome Bugs

There are many things we think about when summer rolls around. These thoughts might range from whether our kids will go to summer camp, how late is too late for bedtime, when to schedule a fun vacation, or when to stock up on sunscreen. One all-too-common concern that we should also be having is how […]

5 Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You’re Expecting

When most women find out they are pregnant, there are a number of things they expect from their pregnancy journey, which for the average woman lasts about 40 weeks. Many women go out to buy some comfy pants with an expanding waistband, larger bras, and some even need larger shoes because their feet can become […]