The Weight Is Over

Weight has long been considered the measure of health, but weight is only one small piece of the picture. Body Mass Index or BMI is a much better measurement because it considers your height and proportion. Understanding your BMI and what it means for your health can help you assess risk and make a plan […]

Protect Your Bladder Before It’s Too Late

Even though you use it every day, you rarely think about it. You notice when something isn’t right, but most likely, you don’t take care of it properly. It’s standard to evaluate your eating habits, your weight, your energy level, your mental health. But evaluating your bladder health is probably not on your radar. Despite […]

The Best Conversation Topic for the Holidays

As the holiday season moves into full swing and you’re preparing for family gatherings, your top priority needs to be a conversation. Utilize the time your family is all under one roof to discuss your family medical history. It might seem unimportant, but it could actually be life-changing, or even life-saving. In between bites of […]

Dismiss the Myths of Diabetes

There are millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes or are at risk for developing diabetes. Despite its prevalence in our society, there are many misconceptions about this disease. Understanding the truth about diabetes can help you support friends and family with the disease and learn how you can lower your risk. Did you know […]