Knowledge is Power

By the year 2020, you will notice new nutrition labels on packaged foods. The new design will help you make more realistic and informed decisions about the food you consume. The FDA has finalized the new rules for nutrition labels and given major production companies a deadline to alter their labels by 2020. We want […]

A Lifesaving Vaccination

Every year you are faced with the decision to get your flu shot, or not. While shots are never a welcomed experience, there are many benefits to the flu shot. The most well-known reason is protection against the influenza virus or even a hospital visit related to the flu. In fact, the CDC (Centers for […]

Understanding Prenatal Kicks

There’s something special about that first kick you feel from the tiny baby growing in your womb. Your hands may constantly rub your rounded tummy so you don’t miss a movement. Each flutter you feel on the inside blows your mind again and again-another life is developing inside you! Then, as your baby gets bigger […]

Exercise Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

Do you remember the milk commercials with the slogan, “calcium helps prevent osteoporosis”? It’s true, calcium and vitamin D are known to help develop strong bones. But simply drinking milk every day is not enough to protect you from osteoporosis. Another key ingredient to strong, healthy bones is exercise. A new study reveals why exercise […]