Why Catching Z’s Is Good For A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

That amazing feeling you have when you wake up after a solid night of sleep is only the beginning of the benefits your body receives from restorative rest. It’s key to a heart-healthy lifestyle.  Sleeping isn’t simply about catching a break mentally and physically, it’s also the time when your body regulates brain function, your […]

Don’t Suffer Silently from the Symptoms of Endometriosis

We can all generally agree that menstrual cramps are the worst. But for some women, menstrual cramps sound like a walk in the park compared to their monthly experience. This may be because they suffer from symptoms of endometriosis, a disease that affects the period. This fairly common disease is rarely talked about although symptoms […]

Be Aware of the Silent Killer (High Blood Pressure)

In the state of Mississippi, 700,000 people have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and thousands more are at risk. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the major risks of both heart disease and stroke. However, high blood pressure is completely avoidable if you begin taking care of your heart-and your […]

Reopening Update To Our Patients

The Woman’s Clinic is happy to offer patient visits again in both our Jackson and Madison offices.  We have provided Obstetric and urgent Gynecologic care and are now carefully adding back less urgent patient visits.  You and your baby’s health are our utmost concern. We are continuing to implement a safe and cautious approach to […]

National Women’s Health Week

Mother’s Day kicks off an important awareness week that is close to our hearts at The Woman’s Clinic – National Women’s Health Week. This week is dedicated to motivating women to focus on their health. Women have unique health issues, and with a few overarching habits and focus points, you can help improve the way […]