5 Changes Breast Cancer Awareness Brings

October is recognized primarily for its one night of spookiness, costumes, and sugar, but there is a much better reason to celebrate October-Breast Cancer Awareness. We have long known that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women worldwide, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month seeks to affect that outcome through education and […]

Breast Cancer And Mammograms In Mississippi

In Mississippi, over 400 women die from breast cancer every year. However, 60% of all cancer incidents are treatable. This means while the road to recovery might be slow, it is surely possible. So, why is the breast cancer mortality rate so high in our state? This is most likely due to a lack of […]

Breast Cancer… Myths, Rumors, and Guilt

The last thing a woman needs in her life is more guilt, especially when either facing a breast cancer diagnosis or simply getting a breast cancer screening. In the world of information overload it’s easy to overthink things and begin to wonder if there is something you could be doing or could have done differently […]