Common Questions about Premature Birth

Did you know that one in eight babies is born prematurely? In fact, this is the primary cause of newborn death in the United States. For millions of babies who are born prematurely, some physical and mental problems can follow them throughout their life. While we know the effects of premature birth, much research is […]

Foods for the Heart

Education is so important when it comes to decreasing the overwhelming statistics when it comes to women and heart disease. In fact, if you were to poll several women and ask where heart disease ranks on a top 5 list of caused deaths in women, only a few would give you the correct, and unfortunate […]

Let’s Show Our Heart Some Love – it’s National Heart Month!

Due to the regular hustle of our routine lives, heart health is often ignored and not thought about until there is a problem (hey – we wouldn’t need an entire month making heart awareness a priority if awareness wasn’t an issue!!). The health of the heart should certainly be a priority (that’s understating it just […]