Gestational Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know

Some women develop high blood sugar issues when pregnant. This high sugar level condition during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,6% to 9% of pregnant women in the United States develop gestational diabetes annually. Health experts believe that excessive weight gain during pregnancy is the leading […]

A Normal BMI Doesn’t Clear Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Unbelievably, there are almost 4 million women in the United States that have a history of breast cancer. Breast cancer is, in fact, the most common cancer diagnosis for women. Many of us have encouraged friends or family members who have bravely fought breast cancer. It may even be a disease we fear that we […]

Gluten Sensitivity vs Celiac Disease: Know the Difference

Gluten is a buzzword today. You can’t go to a restaurant or grocery store without seeing a variety of options labeled “gluten-free.” So why is gluten bad for some people? Going on a gluten-free diet has become a trend in American society. There are some people who can benefit from eliminating gluten from their diets. […]