Control What You Can: Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

The thing that most women find so scary about breast cancer is that a diagnosis appears to be completely random, and the older we become, the stronger the risk of breast cancer. With knowledge comes power, learn the risk factors associated with breast cancer, those you can control and those you can not.  What Are […]

Do I Really Need An Exam Every Year?

Let’s be honest, visiting an OBGYN is no one’s favorite thing to do. It’s an easy appointment to skip, especially if you are feeling well and healthy. Add to that the stay-at-home orders, closure, and extra precautions due to COVID-19, prioritizing your annual exam last year was a challenge.   While the world slowed down in […]

Perimenopause: What You Should Expect

What is Perimenopause and What Should I Expect? When we were young, many of us found that our elders did their best to prepare us for puberty. They talked to us about our changing bodies and what we could expect to happen within the next few years. We were nervous and excited as we anticipated […]