Dense Breasts: What You Should Know

You have probably heard about heterogeneously dense breasts and may be wondering what it is. We are here to unravel that for you. Let’s begin by telling you what your breasts are made up of. Breasts consist of fibrous tissues, fatty tissues, and glandular tissues. The glandular tissues are responsible for producing milk, while the […]

8 Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask About Your Vagina

Despite the popularity of the play The Vagina Monologues, many of us are uncomfortable discussing our vaginas and related vaginal issues with others. Everything from vaginal discharge to yeast infections to UTI’s are either whispered about or simply Googled instead of talked about openly. Google, however, is not a trusted confidante. In order to demystify […]

Sometimes Bloating Is A Big Deal

“I’m feeling really bloated today” is a thought that most women have expressed more than once. On those days where you’re having trouble zipping your jeans, you suddenly feel full after a small meal, or you’re just generally feeling sluggish-bloating might be the culprit. While it is usually not a bad thing, if you’re feeling […]