8 Pregnancy Complications: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments

If you’ve just learned you’re pregnant, you’ve probably got a lot of questions, especially if this is your first child. Are those cramps normal? Will you start craving weird foods? And what about any complications like gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, and preeclampsia? You’re probably being flooded with lots of stories from the other women in your […]

Pap Smear: Overview, Indications, Preparation

Worldwide, statistics show that cervical cancer is the fourth-leading deadliest cancer among women. However, cervical cancer is preventable. Not only is there a human papillomavirus vaccine that prevents HPV (which often leads to cervical cancer), having regular Papanicolaou tests (also known as Pap smears), can help detect early signs of cervical cancer. Read on to […]

Defining Breast Cancer

You may think you know what breast cancer is, but this one condition covers a myriad of terms, types, and classifications that are complicated to understand. Each of these refers to the quantity, size, spread, location, of cancerous cells and tumors. These details are important for providing accurate treatment and prognosis for breast cancer patients. […]