Diabetes & Heart Disease: The Connection In Woman?

For women, diabetes and heart disease is a genuine threat. Still, many are unaware of how these two conditions are directly related. Both wreak havoc on the body, but they can be deadly when they coincide. What Are The Facts According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s study, diabetes prevalence in women […]

Don’t Let Your Annual Exam Become a New Year’s Resolution!

As we say goodbye to the past year and look forward to embracing new and exciting possibilities, it’s important to leave 2021 behind on a positive note. We want to feel that we’ve wrapped up all of our to-do’s, settled our business, and can go into 2022 knowing we prioritize our wellness and honor our […]

Finding a Balance: Mental and Physical Health for Women

These days, it seems we’re all juggling more than our share of responsibilities. That seems to go double for women. Many are holding down jobs, caring for loved ones, staying active in their communities, trying to maintain social lives, and seeking to maintain their health and wellbeing at the same time.  For women especially, it’s […]