3D Isn’t Just The Latest Trend


It becomes increasingly more important as you age to keep tabs on your health and ensure that you make time for yearly wellness exams. In addition to routine exams, doctors recommend adding mammograms to the list of annual tests once you reach your 40s. Doctors have been using traditional mammography for many years, but the latest in mammography technology indicates that the best method to detect cancers is by conducting 3D mammograms.

At The Woman’s Clinic, our primary goal is to always provide you with the highest level of service in the comfort of our offices and helping our patients to prioritize their health care. In order to achieve that goal, The Woman’s Clinic is excited to announce that we are the first private office in central Mississippi to provide the latest in 3D mammography technology.  

What Is A Mammogram?

A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast that allows a doctor to detect breast cancer in a patient, even if they aren’t showing any symptoms of the disease, meaning treatment can begin as quickly as possible. The rate of cancer increases as women enter menopause and continues to increase with age. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms to patients aged 45-54, and after 54, patients can continue with annual exams or change the frequency to once every two years. Any patients who fall into a high-risk category should start the discussion with their doctors earlier to determine the best course of treatment for their individual case.

Why A 3D Mammogram?

If traditional mammogram technology has been working well for so many years, why should we advocate for our patients to get 3D exams? One of the biggest benefits of 3D testing is that it provides more conclusive test results, which reduces the need to have multiple exams. This helps on multiple levels, including the ability to begin treatments as soon as possible if cancer is detected, while also eliminating the stress that accompanies the need for women to return for repeated testing. The exam uses radiation similar to previous mammography levels, but still falling below the FDA-regulated limit of mammography testing, making it extremely safe. 3D mammograms are also more effective at detecting cancers in dense breast tissue, which can often hide the presence of tumors.

The Woman’s Clinic is excited to be able to give our patients the best and most advanced testing available, especially in our own office and with doctors that our patients know and trust. Our ability to safely and quickly detect breast cancer will enable us to provide the best and quickest treatments, leading to a better chance of survival from the disease. We encourage all women to make an appointment with The Woman’s Clinic, whether you’re a new or existing patient with us. Come visit our office to learn more about this exclusive testing and find out when you should begin receiving exams. 

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