5 Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You’re Expecting


When most women find out they are pregnant, there are a number of things they expect from their pregnancy journey, which for the average woman lasts about 40 weeks. Many women go out to buy some comfy pants with an expanding waistband, larger bras, and some even need larger shoes because their feet can become swollen. You know to expect  weight gain, morning sickness, and sometimes general tiredness or exhaustion. But there are a few things your body may surprise you with-symptoms that are a little less frequently talked about but still totally normal.

1. Your Hair Might Change

It seems weird to think that your hair might go through some changes during your pregnancy, but there are a few different things that can happen. For some, it means that hair can become more fragile. What used to be a head of healthy, shiny hair may change to a weaker, more dry texture. Some women experience this change in texture due to hormones, which can weaken the hair and cause breakage and split ends.

On the other end of the spectrum, some women find that their hair is amazing while pregnant. It’s suddenly thicker, or it might even become more or less curly than it was prior to conception. Some people attribute their hair growth to certain prenatal vitamins, although research hasn’t been able to verify the connection. The bottom line is, expect some changes, whether it’s extra growth or more shedding than usual, your hair is likely to change.

2. You Might Experience A Sensitivity To Light

If you suddenly find yourself needing to reach for your sunglasses more frequently, don’t be surprised. Your pregnancy hormones can cause a sensitivity to light. In addition to that change, you may also experience double vision or eye strain. Changes in your eyes and vision can also manifest themselves as dry eyes, which artificial tears may be helpful for. If this happens to you, talk to your doctor about the best solutions that are safe throughout your pregnancy.  

3. Your Skin Might Change

You may have heard that pregnant women seem to glow, likely from the increase in pregnancy hormones causing a change in oil production in your skin or even an increase in blood flow and circulation that can change your complexion. Those are the fun changes to your skin, but you might also experience a less exciting skin change and develop skin tags. Skin tags aren’t going to hurt you and they’re not indicative of anything going awry, they can just be a small annoyance. Skin tags are small pieces of skin that can show up on your neck, eyelids, breasts, armpits, or stomach. They can be removed safely by a doctor if they’re posing a problem, but they are harmless and often go away after the baby is born.

4. Your Voice Might Change

If you think your voice sounds different-maybe a little deeper, you might be right. Although it’s not clear exactly what causes it, there is evidence to show that it can change fairly significantly, although it usually bounces back to its normal pitch and tone around a year after giving birth.

5. Your Sense Of Smell Might Change

It could be your body’s natural protection against your hormones causing you to run for the bathroom when you’re around certain foods or other outside smells, but you can expect your sense of smell to dull a bit while you’re expecting. It’s normal and usually comes back after your baby is born, but if you’re concerned, bring it up to your doctor. Pregnancy, while exciting, can also bring about some interesting changes to your body. Thankfully, they’re mostly harmless and temporary, but if you are concerned about them, talk to your doctor at The Woman’s Clinic so we can help you to navigate these changes.

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