Are You Considered Sedentary?


A sedentary lifestyle, or one without much physical activity, can increase your risks of many serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone get 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly to promote a healthier life. While you should try and meet these exercise suggestions, does a little exercise everyday keep your life from becoming sedentary?

So much of our daily life is spent sitting or lying down from working at a computer, watching TV or reading and spending time with others. Prolonged time without activity could be termed as sedentary regardless of daily exercise. It is important to try to break up these hours of sedentary life with at least some activity. Take a break from the computer and make a lap around the office. Get outside and run around with the kids. Put a little pep in your step while cleaning to make it a little more of an activity. Slight changes to your daily routine can make your life less sedentary and more active.

Overall making positive changes to your daily lifestyle by adding more activity helps to decrease your risks of heart disease and other serious conditions. Start putting more motion into your day and move towards a healthier you.

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