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With almost 4 million Americans having had breast cancer, and around 400 women in Mississippi alone dying yearly from it, breast care is a must. Thankfully, early detection is proven to be successful in 60% of all cases. Taking swift action toward medical treatment could make all the difference.

Serving Women in Jackson and Madison, MS

Our Procedures

At The Woman’s Clinic, we understand that feeling safe and secure is a priority for every woman. That’s why our services extend far beyond just regular check-ups! We offer breast exams, mammograms, and ABUS screenings to ensure your well-being. Let us help you stay informed about care specific to women; find out more today!

Our Technology


The Woman’s Clinic is proud to be a leader in breast care health technology with its offering of the only FDA-approved Automated Breast Ultrasound System, Invenia™. This state-of-the-art imaging system allows us to detect any cancer present within dense tissue using ultrasound scans. ABUS serves as an indispensable supplemental screening tool that can be used alongside mammograms for optimal cancer detection and peace of mind.

For more information and to see if the ABUS exam is right for you, click here.

3D Mammogram

The 3D mammogram is revolutionizing cancer detection by providing clearer images, decreasing the need for multiple tests and earlier diagnosis when detected. Combining cutting-edge technology with expert human interpretation from Women’s Imaging Associates in Birmingham, The Woman’s Clinic allows patients to receive unparalleled care. 

For more information on the 3D Mammogram service we provide, click here.

What Age Should I Start Getting Mammograms?

Women of all ages should stay vigilant to protect their breast health. Regular self-examinations are recommended for all women, especially those past 40 years old. This age is when a mammogram is advised as an added layer of protection against dangerous and often silent cancers. Keeping on top of these preventive measures could be life-saving in the long run!

How to Self-Assess

Self-examining your breasts is a crucial health practice for women at any stage of life. For the most accurate result, examine yourself while in the shower and in front of a mirror once per month. Laying down can help if you’re not able to stand up comfortably.

Pay attention to any strange changes in and around your breasts, and ensure you examine not just the area itself, but also its surrounding areas, like the armpits, for signs of anything unusual, such as lumps or dimples, thickening skin, and so on. Regular self-examination can help spot issues early before they become more severe.

For more information from the National Breast Cancer Foundation on how to self-examine, click here.

What Makes You High-Risk for Breast Cancer?

Many factors can play a role in the development of breast cancer, some within our control and some out of it. While age, family history, or breast density may be beyond what we are able to modify ourselves, making changes like adopting healthier eating habits and increasing physical activity could reduce your risk of developing this disease! To learn more about how you can take ownership of minimizing that risk, read our blog post.

Also Providing OB/GYN Ultrasounds

Our ultrasound scans generate high-quality, clear imaging that paints an accurate picture of your health. Obstetrics and gynecology ultrasounds provide unmatched prenatal care that is safe for both mother and baby. And beyond pregnancy, The Woman’s Clinic offers different types of OB/GYN ultrasounds to women as part of their routine examinations. Contact us today if you would like to schedule an ultrasound screening at our Jackson or Madison, MS clinics!

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