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Our Breast Center

Welcome to The Breast Center at The Woman’s Clinic. This is where state-of-the-art medicine meets comfort and convenience. When walking through the door you may think you are entering a luxurious spa, but don’t be fooled, The Breast Center is all business. Well, all business wrapped in a soft robe. In everything we do at TWC we ask ourselves two questions: Does it represent high-quality care? Will it improve the patient experience? In The Breast Center, the answer to both is a resounding, yes!

At The Woman’s Clinic, we understand that feeling safe and secure is a priority for every woman. That’s why our services extend far beyond just regular check-ups! We offer breast exams, mammograms, and ABUS screenings to ensure your well-being. Let us help you stay informed about care specific to women; visit our Breast Center at The Woman’s Clinic today.


Our Services

The Woman’s Clinic is proud to be the first private OB/GYN office in the Jackson metro area to offer 3D mammograms to our patients. We provide the latest in screening technology to partner with you against breast cancer. While a traditional 2D mammogram provides a flat image of the breast, 3D technology sweeps in an arc over the breast, building images from multiple angles. Read more about the benefits of 3D mammograms here.

This technology uses 3D ultrasound imaging to evaluate breast density levels and detect if cancer is currently present in dense tissue. ABUS is typically used as a supplementary breast screening technique along with mammograms. Women may have a mammogram first, then follow up for an advanced screening with ABUS.


Our Breast Center is located at 501 Marshall Street, Suite 401, Jackson, MS 39202.

All of our doctors are located at our Jackson clinic, as well as our Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner.

You can schedule an appointment through our website here or by calling our office at 601-354-0869, ext: 4039.

The exam is pain-free. Before the it begins, a mesh membrane is attached to the ultrasound scanner. Lotion is then applied to the breast to create good contact between the skin and the transducer device. The ABUS operator positions the ultrasound transducer on the breast to scan the tissue, applying pressure. Tissue scanning may take up to one minute, as the device glides across the breast.

The entire exam may take up to 20 minutes.

Most ABUS exams are covered by insurance, but we recommend contacting your provider prior to your exam to check your medical coverage.

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The Breast Center

501 Marshall Street, Suite 401
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