Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The Race is On!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Upon Us!

Author: Dr. Barbara Sullivan It’s October again, and the stadium lights are shining bright at the local high school. College game day is every Saturday, and pumpkin spice is served at Starbucks. I also see a lot of pink, signifying breast cancer awareness month is here! 20 Years of Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer […]

How Does It Feel? Learning To Recognize Malignant Breast Lumps

In the United States, one in eight women will develop breast cancer throughout her lifetime, and over two thousand men per year are likewise afflicted. This is not only the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women; it’s also one for which the risk increases with age. The older you are, the more likely you are […]

5 Myths About Breast Cancer and the Truth Behind Them

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, individuals and organizations will come together to educate, encourage, and inspire people to grow in their awareness of the problem and the ways in which they can support the breast cancer community. In addition to raising awareness about the importance of self-checks and screenings, this month […]

Take Ovarian Cancer Seriously: Risks, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Every year, around 21,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sadly, over half of them will die from it. This type of cancer can be difficult to detect and diagnose, particularly in its early stages. This means it’s often not caught until the cancer has already spread to other parts of the […]

Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Cervical Cancer

There’s a lot of misinformation to be found when it comes to you and your uterus! Staying informed on your private healthcare shouldn’t require a private investigation to determine fact from fiction when it comes to women’s health. At The Woman’s Clinic, we’re committed to demystifying women’s healthcare and providing you (and your uterus!) with […]

What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can happen to anyone. The frustrating part is how it tends to sneak upon us. It’s easy enough to spot on the face, hands, and feet, but what about the back and shoulders? While it’s impossible to diagnose skin cancer without seeing a medical professional for an evaluation, here are some signs of […]

Understanding Hereditary Risks for Breast and Ovarian Cancers

In order to decrease our risk of developing cancer, many of us try to make healthy choices. We eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, avoid overexposure to sunlight, and cut down our intake of refined sugars and highly processed foods. We try to keep up with current research and follow its guidance as best we […]

Defining Breast Cancer

You may think you know what breast cancer is, but this one condition covers a myriad of terms, types, and classifications that are complicated to understand. Each of these refers to the quantity, size, spread, location, of cancerous cells and tumors. These details are important for providing accurate treatment and prognosis for breast cancer patients. […]

Dense Breasts: What You Should Know

You have probably heard about heterogeneously dense breasts and may be wondering what it is. We are here to unravel that for you. Let’s begin by telling you what your breasts are made up of. Breasts consist of fibrous tissues, fatty tissues, and glandular tissues. The glandular tissues are responsible for producing milk, while the […]

Sometimes Bloating Is A Big Deal

“I’m feeling really bloated today” is a thought that most women have expressed more than once. On those days where you’re having trouble zipping your jeans, you suddenly feel full after a small meal, or you’re just generally feeling sluggish-bloating might be the culprit. While it is usually not a bad thing, if you’re feeling […]

Control What You Can: Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

The thing that most women find so scary about breast cancer is that a diagnosis appears to be completely random, and the older we become, the stronger the risk of breast cancer. With knowledge comes power, learn the risk factors associated with breast cancer, those you can control and those you can not.  What Are […]

A Normal BMI Doesn’t Clear Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Unbelievably, there are almost 4 million women in the United States that have a history of breast cancer. Breast cancer is, in fact, the most common cancer diagnosis for women. Many of us have encouraged friends or family members who have bravely fought breast cancer. It may even be a disease we fear that we […]

Understanding the Risk Factors Involved with Cervical Cancer

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, or #savethecervix month as we like to call it. This past week we took a look at some of the symptoms and methods of preventing cervical cancer. While cervical cancer is not as common in women as it once was nor as other types of cancers now are, it […]

Improve Your Odds For Preventing Cervical Cancer in 2021

Welcome to 2021! It was certainly a journey to get here, but a new year means new beginnings, and with that comes the potential for your best year yet! Having a great year begins with making a commitment to taking care of your overall health. While purchasing that gym membership and starting that new diet […]

COVID-19 and the Impact on Breast Cancer Diagnoses

While diagnosed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise around the country, certain diagnosed cases of cancer are on the decline, including breast cancer. On the surface, this seems like an amazing development and celebration-worthy accomplishment in the fight against breast cancer! But, a closer look reveals the truth behind this decrease lies in a dramatic […]

5 Changes Breast Cancer Awareness Brings

October is recognized primarily for its one night of spookiness, costumes, and sugar, but there is a much better reason to celebrate October-Breast Cancer Awareness. We have long known that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women worldwide, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month seeks to affect that outcome through education and […]

Breast Cancer… Myths, Rumors, and Guilt

The last thing a woman needs in her life is more guilt, especially when either facing a breast cancer diagnosis or simply getting a breast cancer screening. In the world of information overload it’s easy to overthink things and begin to wonder if there is something you could be doing or could have done differently […]

5 Less Common Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The term “breast cancer” is enough to fill a woman’s head with many thoughts. But what causes breast cancer? What symptoms and signs are associated with breast cancer? And what do you do if you find a lump in your breast? Perhaps you’re instantly reminded of a friend who’s currently undergoing chemo or radiation. Or, […]

Lung Diseases and Disorders

What is Lung Disease? Just as the name suggests, lung disease is any of a number of disorders that impact the lungs. You have two lungs which are the main organs responsible for the process of breathing. The lungs are part of a system that never stops in order to bring oxygen into your body, […]

What You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

It is estimated that the risk of developing ovarian cancer is approximately 1 in 78, and this includes many women who are not thought to be “high risk.” Ovarian cancer refers to cancer of the ovaries, but the term can also refer to cancer of the fallopian tubes or the peritoneum, another aspect of the […]

Do You Have a Higher Risk of Breast Cancer?

Our radiologist at The Woman’s Clinic is seeing an increase in breast cancer in younger women. In many cases, a breast cancer diagnosis is linked to a family history of breast cancer and dense breast tissue. In light of this, it is important to know your family’s medical history and share that information with your […]

Why Happy Hour May Not Be So Happy

You may understand the immediate risks of drinking alcohol, like the impact it could have on your weight, your relationships, your ability to drive, and your cognitive function. For many people, alcohol is a part of daily life, social gatherings, and celebrations. And most who drink regularly do so without realizing their long-term risk for […]

Are You At A Higher Risk For Cancer?

There are a lot of things you can inherit through your family’s genetic traits. You may have the same nose as your mother, the same eye color as your father, have similar hair, or be tall like the rest of your relatives. These are all clear even to the untrained eye, but there are also […]

Protect Your Bladder Before It’s Too Late

Even though you use it every day, you rarely think about it. You notice when something isn’t right, but most likely, you don’t take care of it properly. It’s standard to evaluate your eating habits, your weight, your energy level, your mental health. But evaluating your bladder health is probably not on your radar. Despite […]

Besides the Lumps

The most common sign of breast cancer is a new, painless lump with irregular edges. For this reason, self-breast examinations have long been touted as a good way to catch breast cancer early. While self-exams are still a good idea, some cancers do not present as lumps or the lump is painful or uncharacteristically symmetrical. […]

Stop In The Name of Life

In the U.S., breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women with a one in eight chance of getting the disease. As prevalent as it is, the survival rate of breast cancer itself is high. Most breast cancer patients don’t die from the primary tumor but from the spread of cancer cells […]

A Good Reason to Eat Good Food

We tend to categorize foods as “good” or “bad” and determine to eat more “good” foods and less “bad” foods. But do you ever feel more tempted by the “bad” stuff when you’re trying to only eat “good” things? You know that a diet consisting of fatty, fried foods is not good for you but […]

Enjoy the Summer While Protecting Your Skin

Do you remember your first sunburn? Not the one that turned your shoulders and your nose pink after an afternoon at the pool. The “I fell asleep while laying out at the beach and nobody woke me up to tell me to reapply my sunscreen” sunburn. The bright red, hurts to move, eventually peels sunburn. […]

This April, Turn The Conversation To STDs

This April, focus on understanding and educating yourself and your family about the prevalence and danger of sexually transmitted diseases. April is STD Awareness Month, and our goal is to make sure that all of our patients understand how serious STDs are and most importantly, how to protect themselves and their partners. STDs aren’t usual […]

Reduce Cancer Risk By Putting Down Your Drink

There are a host of risk factors which can contribute to occurrence of and deaths from cancer, but some of these risks are less understood than others. Many people know that risk factors like age, diet, weight, level of regular exercise, and environment factors all contribute to developing cancer. And while alcohol use is also […]