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Defining Breast Cancer

You may think you know what breast cancer is, but this one condition covers a myriad of terms, types, and classifications that are complicated to

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Besides the Lumps

The most common sign of breast cancer is a new, painless lump with irregular edges. For this reason, self-breast examinations have long been touted as

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Now In 3D

The doctors and staff of The Woman’s Clinic are proud to announce 3D mammography is now available at both the Jackson and Madison offices. This

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Too Young For Mammograms?

Yearly breast exams don’t traditionally begin until a woman reaches the age of 40, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your breasts examined regularly.

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New Guidelines Add Confusion

There are currently three different groups with recommendations on the timing of mammograms. And the three have entirely different recommendations. Confused? Let’s start off by

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