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The Next Baby Boom

Rumors of the next baby boom circulate because of an idea that pregnancy is somehow related to… boredom. And when people are quarantined inside for

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STD Facts—Trichomoniasis

What is Trichomoniasis? Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), also commonly known as “Trich.”  It is very common and can be cured with medication.

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Birth Control Methods

Birth control is the use of various treatments or methods to prevent pregnancy. The decision to use birth control, as well as the choice of

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STD Facts – Gonorrhea

Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea can be difficult to talk about, but it’s important to discuss them openly in order to understand the risks and

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Sorry For Your Loss

As a society, we are largely uninformed about pregnancy loss. We think of it as a rare occurrence-something that is unlikely to happen to us

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