Don’t Ignore The Thermometer This Summer


It is almost impossible to ignore the thermometer during the summer in Mississippi. With temps reaching the mid to high 90s and high humidity, stepping outside your door can be a challenge on some days. While the heat can pose a lot of problems, it doesn’t have to throw off your regular exercise routine.

I’ve Been Exercising Outside, Do I Need To Stop This Summer?

Especially if you have already established a good exercise routine, there’s no reason to abandon it just because it’s hot outside. You may have to adjust what you’re doing, but that can be pretty simple. If you’re new to exercising and trying to use this summer as a good time to take charge of your health and begin working out, just make sure you are taking the proper precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy. These precautions are important to consider whether you’re exercising solo or through an organized group sport.

How Can The Heat Affect My Exercise Routine?

When it’s hot outside, your body experiences extra stress. Your body temperature will rise, which raises the amount of blood pumping throughout your circulatory system. As a result of that increase in blood flow, less blood is moving to your muscles, which can cause cramps and heat exhaustion. When you are also dealing with the humidity we have in Jackson, it makes it harder for the sweat to evaporate from your skin, which doesn’t allow your body to cool properly. All of these things can contribute to your core temperature going so high that you experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

How Can I Switch Up My Routine To Make It Safer?

If your main goal is to make it through the summer, keep up your healthy fitness routine, and keep your body in good shape, it’s certainly not impossible. For days when you see a big spike in temperature or humidity in the forecast, you could consider adjusting your routine to include some indoor exercise or even swimming if you have a pool available. If these choices aren’t an option for you, consider moving your exercise to early in the morning or early evening, when the sun isn’t as strong and you can enjoy the slightly lower temperatures. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and not just while you’re exercising. It’s important to stay hydrated all day, to help you both prepare for and recover from your exercise. If you’re looking for the best clothes to wear, reach for loose fitting clothes made from lightweight materials, which will help the air circulate to your skin. Finally, and probably most importantly, make sure you’re taking it easy. If you have already established a routine, you can stick with it, but make sure you take breaks frequently and adjust if you find yourself getting tired. If you’re new to exercising, make sure to take it slow and even find a friend who can join you in order to stay safe. Here at The Woman’s Clinic, we value every aspect of your health, and we encourage a healthy fitness routine no matter the time of year. But it’s also crucial to know your limits and understand how the temperature and climate can change your routine. If you have any questions, make sure you discuss them with us at your next appointment.

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