Four Steps to a Healthier You


Happy Mother’s Day from The Woman’s Clinic! If you’re a mom, we hope the weekend was relaxing and special. We know you work hard balancing work, family, and time for yourself (do you even remember what that’s really like?). Even if you’re not a mom, you know how easy it is to go through each week taking care of everything else but yourself. Your to-do list owns you, your deadlines taunt you, your people need you, and busyness is your best friend. This week is National Women’s Health Week, a week dedicated to informing and equipping women to take care of their overall health. Taking care of you is the most loving thing you can do for your friends and family. So stop feeling selfish and start moving towards a healthier you.

Step One: Schedule a Well-Woman Visit

Each year, make an appointment for a well-woman visit. This is essentially just a check-up. If you have young children, you don’t think twice about scheduling a check-up because you want to make sure your family is healthy. So why don’t you do the same for yourself? A well-woman appointment usually includes a general physical that checks your height, weight, and blood pressure. In some cases, the doctor will draw your blood to check for any underlying health problems. Beginning at age 21, you will have a pelvic exam and pap test to check for any abnormalities or signs of cervix cancer. At this visit, you can also discuss any health goals with your doctor or even discuss any emotional changes you experience.

Step Two: Address Mental Health

At various points in your life, you will have times of increased stress that can majorly affect your overall health. Stress can often lead to depression and anxiety. You should never ignore these changes in your mental health but instead, talk to your doctor. There are many different levels and stages associated with depression, but you should never consider your feelings of depression and anxiety as an emotion to be stuffed. Think of it as a medical condition that requires attention. If you are honest about what you are feeling and schedule an appointment, you and your doctor can establish the best treatment plan to help you improve your mental health.

Step Three: Consume a Healthy Diet

We know you know this one. While it may be one of the most difficult steps to take, it really can be life-changing. It’s never too late to establish a foundation of good eating habits and healthy living. We’re not saying you have to avoid fried chicken completely, say goodbye to pasta, and never open another pint of ice cream. We’re just saying you should only eat them on occasion. Most of the time you should opt for lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. The majority of your diet should consist of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, give you real energy throughout the day, and lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes. A healthy diet is the foundation for reaching and maintaining your weight goals, and sometimes it’s an easier adjustment than exercise.

Step Four: Exercise Regularly

Again, we know you know this one. Usually, the excuse for a lack of exercise is schedule-“I’m too busy.” We’ve all said it, yet we’ve all fit something else into our already crowded schedule. Joining a gym and working out for one hour seven days a week may not be feasible for you. But we bet you can find at least 20 minutes to do something physically active. Even just taking a walk around your neighborhood in the evening. Find something you enjoy doing so you’ll want to fit into your daily schedule. Physical activity is not only important for your weight management and physical health, it’s crucial to your mental health as well. If you have questions about the type and amount of physical activity you need in order to reach your health goals, talk to your doctor today.

This week, take at least one step to improve your health. If you are looking for a physician you can trust, schedule an appointment at The Woman’s Clinic today. We have two convenient locations in Jackson and Madison, Mississippi. It’s time to take care of your health as surely as you take care of the people you love.

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