How Are Heart Disease and Diabetes Related?


Since we are focusing on your heart in February, we must discuss diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that results in having high levels of sugar in the blood. There are two types of diabetes, the first is usually diagnosed in childhood and is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Type two diabetes, which is more common, is mainly diagnosed in adults and is generally caused by poor lifestyle choices. Poor diet, being overweight and an inactive lifestyle all put you at greater risk for developing type two diabetes. Being having type two diabetes also puts you at a greater risk for developing other serious health problems.

Other Complications

People living with type two diabetes are at a greater risk for developing heart disease, kidney problems and nerve damage. Heart disease is a term that includes many different heart conditions such as high blood pressure and developing plaque in the arteries. People who are diabetic with one or more heart problems are at a much greater risk for developing a stroke or having a heart attack. Since most of these chronic conditions have similar risk factors, it is likely for people to be diagnosed with more than one.

What Can I Do?

Fortunately, it is possible to decrease your risk of both diabetes and heart conditions. Losing and then maintaining a healthy weight with diet and exercise is a great place to start. Smoking puts you at a greater risk for developing chronic conditions and also damages blood vessels. It’s best to stop smoking now. Take control of your health by making lifestyle changes and making them permanent. If you are having problems losing weight talk with one of the doctors at The Woman’s Clinic about medical weight loss options that might be right for you.

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