How to request a medication refill

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  1. Log into your Patient Portal
  2. On the left side click “medications”
     - The Woman's Clinic

  3. Click the blue button in the right corner that says “Request Medication Refill”
     - The Woman's Clinic


**For fastest service, please make prescription request from within your Patient portal. Inside your portal, from the Medications tab, click the  Request Medication Refill button. From this page you will see a list of your current medications and pharmacy preferences on file with our clinic.  Select the appropriate medication,  pharmacy, your phone number in case we need to reach, and any additional information you wish to let our Medical staff know. Then Submit your request.  Please allow 48 hours during regular office hours for this request to be processed. 

We do not process faxed requests from pharmacies as these are often not at your request. We do accept calls from all pharmacies on your behalf to our Prescription request or Triage line. **