Is Your Weight Putting You At Risk for Heart Disease?


Is your weight putting you at risk? 

A number of studies relate obesity and heart disease. Whether you call it love handles, a spare tire or a muffin top, no one likes that extra fat around the middle of the abdomen. Belly fat is stubborn, hard to get rid of and may actually indicate an increased risk for heart disease.

Belly Fat?

A research study shows that people with excess weight in the abdomen were much more likely to have heart disease. Heart disease is a term covering high blood pressure, high cholesterol and everything in between. Those with large amounts of belly fat versus fat under the surface of the skin had increased heart disease and greater risks for other health concerns such as diabetes. To be clear, the study is not suggesting that belly fat causes heart disease, but rather shows the connection between individuals with deep belly fat, obesity, and risks of heart disease.

What Should I Do?

Just as having more belly fat increases risks of heart disease, having less belly fat decreases the risk of heart disease. While getting rid of stubborn belly fat can be hard, it is definitely worth it. Heart disease is more prevalent among women than is often discussed and we should fight to decrease our risk. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women in the United States, but heart disease is both preventable and treatable. If you have been diagnosed with heart disease follow your doctor’s advice and take medications as prescribed. Lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and exercising will not only help you to get rid of your love handles but may also help protect your heart.

How Can The Woman’s Clinic Help?

If you need help maintaining a healthy weight, The Woman’s Clinic is here for you. It is important to know all of your risks for heart disease and talk with your doctor at The Woman’s Clinic about any concerns you may have. Remember, you can make an appointment with your doctor at either our Jackson or Madison location.