It’s Time To Stop The Obesity Epidemic


Obesity in America has become an epidemic. Americans now have more chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol than any previous generation. Our lifestyles of overeating, drive-thru meals, food that is fried and heavy in carbohydrates are threatening our health daily. Not only does obesity bring unwanted health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes, but it also puts us at much higher risks for multiple different types of cancers. Because of the way we as Americans eat and live, even young children are being diagnosed with type II diabetes and other health problems that will follow them throughout life.

Obviously losing weight, exercising and eating healthier are the first steps toward a healthier body, but it can be hard to get going and stay motivated. Fad diets are not generally healthy, and once you stop them the weight comes right back because it is not something you can maintain. Trying to just deprive yourself of everything yummy may work for a few days but often leads to overeating and weight gain. There is a better way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body with Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein uses one on one weekly coaching to maximize the two step process of weight loss and then transitioning to maintaining a healthy weight post diet. This is not a magic fix and will require hard work, but together you and your doctor can set and meet a weight loss goal and maintain it. Ideal Protein is recognized all over the world as a successful way to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

We must fight the epidemic of obesity and start in our own homes. Making personal health changes will be reflected in the lives of our families and lead to healthier lives and healthier generations. If you’ve tried dieting and exercising alone without positive results, it is time to talk with your doctor about how Ideal Protein could be right for you.

The doctors of The Woman’s Clinic of Jackson and Madison are proud to offer the Ideal Protein program. Our registered dietitian will help you take on this obstacle to good health. Make an appointment today or use this form and we will contact you.