Meet Dr. Kimberly Zachow, Our Newest OB/GYN Practitioner 

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We sat down with Dr. Kimberly Zachow — our newest OB/GYN practitioner — to hear about her journey in healthcare and what wisdom she can offer patients at The Woman’s Clinic. 

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Q: Helping women along their health journeys is an inspiring career path. Tell me a little bit about your background and what made you want to become an OB/GYN.

Dr. Zachow: Well, I grew up in Jackson, MS, and went on to get a degree in physics at Birmingham Southern College after graduating from Jackson Prep. After college, I ended up back in Jackson because physics doesn’t really set you up to attend medical school. 

They have a great Master’s program at Mississippi College, so I did my Master’s there and then started medical school at UMMC. I matched into residency at Texas Tech, completed that, and then moved back here where all my family is, and I’ve enjoyed being back.

Q: Nice! Is there a specific area of study you specialize in or enjoy the most? Like hormone therapy, infertility, or something else?

Dr. Zachow: I honestly enjoy it all, and I’m not just saying that. I think one of the reasons I ended up picking OB was that there was such a wide range of practice, and you get to stick with the same patients from when they’re young to when they get older, and you deal with different issues along the way. 

I would say my favorite thing right now — because it does change all the time — is probably obstetrics. I think it grows on you the more and more you do it because it’s such a special moment.

Q: Being part of an expecting mother’s journey is truly so special. Was there a certain point in your career where you realized, “This is the right program for me to go in,” or did you have a, “I’m really helping women now,” lightbulb moment?

Dr. Zachow: Actually, when I initially started medical school, I said I didn’t want to do OB. And then, as I rotated through it and saw that breadth of care that I talked about before, it really grew on me. And I knew I liked surgery, so it was a way to do surgery while still being able to do primary care and spend all that time with the patient and get to know them. 

Really — in the past year of practice — I realized I made the right choice. You know, I think residentially I kind of second-guessed myself. But once I got out and started practicing on my own, I realized it is what I want to do, and I love it!

Q: You’ve been practicing for a while now, so I’d love to hear you briefly discuss how you came to work at The Woman’s Clinic.

Dr. Zachow: I was actually a patient here! I’ve seen Dr. Sullivan for years, and I always knew this was a great practice. When the perfect timing lined up for me to come on board, The Woman’s Clinic reached out, and here I am.

Q: That’s helpful that you had experience here first as a patient. Speaking of patients, what makes you most excited about the work you do with your patients?

Dr. Zachow: Oh, gosh, I would say it is the fact that you get to spend so much time with the patients. You really get to know them. You get to know their families, too. When you’re coming through obstetrics, all sorts of people come to prenatal visits. 

Even recently, I had someone telling me about something that happened to her mom, and I connected with her because I met her mom through all her prenatal visits, and we got to know each other. You get to build a relationship, and they stick with you forever.

Q: You really do form lifelong relationships! Wrapping up, if you could give a young woman one piece of advice regarding her health, what would it be?

Dr. Zachow: Take your health seriously — now. Preventative health care is there for a reason. Even though it seems like something you don’t need to take care of now, like high blood pressure or cervical issues, it will impact your health in the long run. So, it’s better to go ahead and get those screenings taken care of sooner rather than later.

Q: Very, very true. Thank you so much for sharing your story and insight, and we’re so happy to have you at The Woman’s Clinic! 

Dr. Zachow begins at The Woman’s Clinic on November 1, 2023. If you would like to hear Dr. Zachow’s insight about a health challenge you’re experiencing or to receive a checkup, schedule an appointment today.

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