When You Start Getting Mammograms, Make Sure They’re 3D


Routine, preventive care mammograms are a standard in women’s health care, but new research is showing that 3D mammograms are actually more beneficial for cancer screening than others. The American Cancer Society recommends that doctors present mammograms to their patients beginning at age 40, but by 45 they should be routine and done once per year. When women reach the age of 55, they should be continued once every two years, with the individual needs of the patient being evaluated at that time. For women who have a family history of breast cancer, these exams may need to start a little earlier.

What Are My Mammogram Options?

Traditionally, women are offered two-dimensional mammograms, which is an X-ray that evaluates the breast tissue to check for the presence of cancer or other abnormalities. While 2D technology is efficient at finding these abnormalities, studies have shown that the latest in mammogram technology, 3D screening, has long lasting benefits when compared to traditional screening. The Woman’s Clinic is the first private office in Mississippi to offer this type of screening, making it possible for you to continue receiving the best healthcare available, in our office, with doctors you’re familiar with. 

How Do I Benefit From 3D Screening?

Most importantly, 3D screening finds more cases of cancer than traditional mammograms. In addition to finding actual abnormalities, they also reduce the number of false positives. False positives in the cancer screening process can lead to added stress for patients as well as unnecessary follow up exams and procedures. A study done by JAMA Oncology compared the effectiveness of 2D vs 3D screening and showed some positive findings in the fight against breast cancer. The findings showed that more cases of cancer were found in 3D testing and that far fewer women were called back for secondary screening. These findings go to show that 3D mammograms are more accurate and more likely to catch suspicious spots in the breast, ensuring that women can get the treatment they need early on rather than waiting until cancer has reached an advanced stage. All of this means that treatment will be more effective.

The Woman’s Clinic always strives to provide the best and most current treatment options for our patients, which is why we’re so excited to be offering this service. If you’re approaching your 40s and need to start discussing the need for a mammogram, please contact us today. Even if you’ve been having 2D mammograms, call our office so we can discuss the benefits of switching to 3D screening and let us schedule an appointment to help.

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