National Women’s Health Week


Mother’s Day kicks off an important awareness week that is close to our hearts at The Woman’s Clinic – National Women’s Health Week.

This week is dedicated to motivating women to focus on their health. Women have unique health issues, and with a few overarching habits and focus points, you can help improve the way you feel and your overall health. These habits include:

  • Annual wellness visits
  • Addressing mental health
  • Eating healthy
  • Daily activity levels
  • Overall healthy decisions

Take advantage of wellness visits and screenings.

At least once a year, schedule a wellness check-up. A well-woman appointment usually includes a general physical that checks your height, weight, blood pressure, and occasional blood work to check for any underlying health problems. Beginning at age 21, you will have a pelvic exam and pap test to check for any abnormalities or signs of cervix cancer. 

These appointments are a great time to discuss any health concerns you may have, including sickness, stress and anxiety, daily activities, and diet with your doctor as well, who can assist with strategies and medical attention as needed. 

Do not neglect your mental health

Everyone experiences times of increased stress and anxiety, and that can possibly lead to depression. Depression should be considered a medical condition that requires attention, and not overlooked. In fact, over 7% of American adults suffer from some sort of depression. With a variety of methods to help treat this condition, it’s better to address it than to “push through” and allow it to possibly get worse.

Eat healthier

It’s possible that some of the major health issues of our time can be addressed or even avoided with a better diet. And who couldn’t stand to eat healthier? Rather than doing a massive overhaul of your diet, a few small changes can help to make a big difference. It’s not that you can’t ever enjoy indulging in sweets, fried foods, or delicacies, just do so on occasion.

Try to eat more “whole foods,” which are natural fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, and try eating less processed foods. This is one of the most important steps toward a healthy diet.

Increase your daily activity level

While joining a gym and working out every day may not be feasible for you, most people can find time to increase their current level of activity and do something physical. Take a walk, jog around your neighborhood, or try a new at-home workout. 

Exercise has shown many health benefits both physically and mentally. Your body will typically respond well to an increase in physical activity.

Make safe, healthy decisions

As a good reminder, it’s always important to make healthy decisions regarding smoking, sleep, safety, and other habits.

This week, take steps to improve your health. If you’d like, contact The Woman’s Clinic today to schedule a virtual televisit. 

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