The doctors and staff of The Woman’s Clinic are proud to announce 3D mammography is now available at both the Jackson and Madison offices. This technology brings with it great promise in the ongoing fight against breast cancer. The Woman’s Clinic is on the cutting edge of this technology, as we are the first private doctor’s office to offer 3D mammograms to women in the area.

What A Difference 

The difference in clarity between the 2D images and those of the 3D images is amazing. The 3D machine, also called breast tomography, takes images in a sweeping arc over the breast. This then translates into a cross-section image, allowing radiologists to see more clearly. This results in fewer false positives, fewer anxiety filled callbacks, clear visibility in dense breast tissue, and the chance to find and diagnose breast cancers at an early stage.

Image courtesy of Everyday Health

If you have questions, visit our 3D mammography and breast health pages to learn more about this new technology, including frequently asked questions and potential risk factors. Watch for announcements coming soon for an opportunity to come to one of the The Woman’s Clinic offices to see the technology first hand. We’re thrilled to offer 3D mammography to you and hope to strengthen the fight against breast cancer in the central Mississippi area. 

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