Obesity And Getting Pregnant


Doctors have always known that women who are obese have a more difficult time getting pregnant and often don’t ovulate regularly. A small study recently released reinforces the idea that weight loss can help the ovaries to begin to cycle regularly.

The study looked at obese infertile women and divided them into two different groups. One group was given standard infertility treatments alone and the others were given a 6-month lifestyle intervention. The women who completed the lifestyle intervention were 4 times more likely to conceive naturally than the other group.

The doctors involved in the study encouraged healthcare workers to optimize pregnancy chances by discussing weight loss and educating patients who are struggling with fertility. The benefits continue through the pregnancy because overweight women tend to have increased risk for complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

While weight loss is not a guarantee of pregnancy, it should be considered as another tool in the process. If you are obese and struggling to get pregnant talk to your doctor. In Mississippi, patients of The Woman’s Clinic have access to a registered dietitian who can discuss options available and coach you through the process. For more information contact us today.

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