When your family is complete there is a trusted procedure that is now available in our offices at The Woman’s Clinic – Essure.

What is Essure?

A gentle non-surgical procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy that is permanent and 99.74% effective. It offers what no other birth control does:
  • No surgery, cutting or anesthesia
  • No burning or radio-frequency energy
  • No hormones
  • No slowing down to recover
  • Short procedure time – less than 10 minutes

The Procedure

Your doctor will place a soft, flexible insert into your fallopian tubes through your vagina and cervix. The tip of each tiny insert remains outside of the tube to provide immediate confirmation of the correct placement. Over the next 3 months, your body will form a natural barrier around the tiny inserts forming a blockade preventing sperm from ever reaching the egg. After 3 months, a confirmation test is preformed to verify you are protected from the worries of pregnancy. The test uses a dye and special type fo x-ray to ensure both that the inserts are in place and that the fallopian tubes are blocked. Safety The Essure procedure avoids the risks and discomfort of surgical procedures that require anesthesia and incisions. Additionally, the inserts are silicone free, made from the same materials that have been used in cardiac stints for years. Insurance Essure is covered by most insurance plans. If the procedure is done in a physician’s office, depending on your specific insurance plan, payment may be as low as a simple co-pay.

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