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Welcome to The Breast Center at The Woman’s Clinic. This is where state-of-the-art medicine meets comfort and convenience.

When walking through the door you may think you are entering a luxurious spa, but don’t be fooled, The Breast Center is all business. Well, all business wrapped in a soft robe.

In everything we do at TWC we ask ourselves two questions: Does it represent high-quality care? Will it improve the patient experience? In The Breast Center, the answer to both is a resounding, yes!

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A Change of Mindset

A Change of Mindset When it’s time for your annual mammogram, our hope is that instead of “enduring” the procedure you can come to think

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Quality Care

Housed inside The Breast Center is our new state of the art 3D mammography rooms. You can learn more about 3D mammograms here. We also perform bone

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Patient Experience

Reaching the LifeStage where mammography becomes recommended is a milestone in a woman’s life. It becomes a yearly ritual, an important weapon in a woman’s

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