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Reaching the LifeStage where mammography becomes recommended is a milestone in a woman’s life. It becomes a yearly ritual, an important weapon in a woman’s healthcare arsenal. For some women it comes early due to family or personal history, but eventually every woman should receive an annual mammogram. So, why not make it comfortable. From the moment you enter you will notice the difference. Even the changing rooms are beautifully appointed, complete with a stack of full length, soft cotton robes to help you be warm and to protect your privacy.

And that is just the beginning. The Woman’s Clinic is the first private clinic in the area to offer the brand new curved screening paddles. These paddles hold the natural curve of the breast for the duration of the mammogram. Game changer! No more flat panels used to flatten the breast.

And for your convenience, The Breast Center at The Woman’s Clinic is located inside our offices in the Colonnades at Baptist Hospital. You won’t have to get into your car and go check-in at a specialty office.

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