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Housed inside The Breast Center is our new state of the art 3D mammography rooms. You can learn more about 3D mammograms here. We also perform bone density tests and ultrasounds within the center.

Benefits of the 3D Mammogram

The benefits of the 3D mammogram are many: clearer imaging, fewer callbacks for further looks, and earlier diagnosis of cancers while still small and contained. The technology is amazing but the images are still being read by human beings. So, who do we trust to read your mammogram? TWC has partnered with Women’s Imaging Associates in Birmingham, AL, to read the images. All of the physicians in this group are board-certified in breast imaging—a very rare subspecialty with a steep learning curve. TWC took this extra step to ensure that every consideration was given to offer the best reading of your image, but it doesn’t stop there. The physicians in this group, led by Dr. Caroline Reich, are available for consults with TWC mammography technicians to answer any questions, prescreen questionable images, and make recommendations before you even get dressed. We are serious about reducing callbacks.

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