Stress and Extra Pounds


As women, our lives are full of stress. Whether you are the CEO of a big company or a mom juggling kids, stress creeps into our lives from many angles. Stress has different effects on different people, but constant stress may be adding to your waistline.

What’s The Link Between Stress And Weight Gain?

A recent study looked at the link between stress and obesity, and the results probably won’t surprise you. Those studied who deal with a lot of stress had higher levels of cortisol, a hormone we produce in stressful situations. They were also overweight especially with extra weight around the middle. The study didn’t prove that stress makes you fat, but it did show that there is a connection. 

Cortisol releases glucose into the bloodstream to give you a jolt to help overcome stressful situations as well as helping to control your blood pressure. Cortisol also affects your appetite and can lend to cravings for fatty and high calorie foods. Eating is a common stress relief tactic and nothing beats comfort foods in that moment. So whether stress is making you fat or you’re stressed because you are fat, the fact is a change needs to be made.

How Can I Deal With Stress Without Eating?

Stress is inevitable but how you deal with stress you can change. Not dealing with stress appropriately could mean that you are more angry, snappy or tearful when interacting with coworkers or family. Try meditation, yoga or positive imagery to help calm your mind and reduce stress. Exercise is a great stress relief and will also help you lose some unwanted pounds.

How Can The Woman’s Clinic Help?

Once you have gotten your stress under control, let’s get your weight under control, too. Dieting and exercise are hard, and once you’ve hit a certain age that extra weight isn’t always easy to get off. At The Woman’s Clinic we offer a solution called Ideal Protein that may be right for you. Ideal Protein is not a “quick fix” or “fad diet” but a change of mind and lifestyle that will help you get to a healthy weight and then maintain it. If you are struggling with weight loss, talk with the dietitian at The Woman’s Clinic today about Ideal Protein and get on the path to healthy living!