Stress and Lack of Support Linked To Birth Complications

A study published earlier this year showed that women who have high stress and low resources, to deal with that stress, are more likely to have at least one birth complication. The study, Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) Study, looked at over 3.300 pregnancies and compared birth outcomes to resources available to the mothers.

The study showed that women with low support were likely to have one or more of the following complications:

  • Preterm birth
  • Low birth weight

The important point to take from this study is that if you don’t have the support you need to deal with stressors in your life, during pregnancy, you need to reach out to those around you. Just as important, if you know of someone who may be struggling with their personal life or with pregnancy, offer to lend a hand.

If you need to talk, your OB/GYN is a good place to start. The doctors at The Woman’s Clinic care about the total health of their patients.

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