The Necessity of Nutrition


We can all generally agree that nutrition is important. We may recognize that a lack of nutrients can cause us to feel sick. We may even admit that adjusting the type and amount of nutrients we consume could actually make us feel-and look-better. But too often that’s where it stops. We stop at a recognition that something needs to change in our diet. But that’s it. We rarely do something about it, and even fewer of us stick with it. And so we join the ranks of Americans who are overweight, obese, and malnourished. March is National Nutrition Month, and at The Woman’s Clinic we not only want you to be aware of the damage poor nutrition causes your body, but also equip you to do something about it.

Who is Malnourished?

Someone becomes malnourished when their body does not get, cannot absorb, or cannot use the right nutrients. We often associate malnutrition with people in third world countries. We’ve seen the ads of the elderly people who are simply skin and bone and the precious children with distended bellies. Then we look at adults and children in our neighborhoods and assume none of us will ever face the effects of malnutrition. Unfortunately, many of us are walking around our food-rich nation completely devoid of the necessary nutrients. We may even experience a form of malnutrition called “over-nourished” which occurs when the body gets too much food, when we consume the wrong food, if we fail to exercise, or take too many vitamins and supplements.

The Effects of Poor Nutrition

Many adults and children consume too many calories and consume the wrong types of food which results in being overweight or obese. The wrong foods include diets that are high in sugar, salt, and fat. With expanding schedules in the average household, the fast-food industry is also expanding (and so is that drive-thru line). Many adults find eating out convenient but don’t realize the implications this has on their health. The higher someone’s BMI (body mass index), the higher risk they are for cancer and heart disease. In fact, the death rates for cancer patients and heart disease were on the decline until recently when the number of obese Americans reached an all-time high. Malnutrition, whether from over-nourishment or undernourishment, greatly impacts our overall health. Poor nutrition may result in a weakened immune system, a loss of appetite, anxiety, mood swings, or other psychiatric problems. Those symptoms may be more difficult to discern than symptoms we can see on the outside such as hair loss, bruising, dry skin, rashes, gums that bleed easily, or a swollen and cracked tongue. If you experience any of these symptoms call your doctor and make sure that you are getting the nutrients your body needs to function properly, and the right amount of those nutrients.

What To Do About It

If you need a trusted physician to evaluate your overall health and give you the confidence and support you need to live a healthy lifestyle, the The Woman’s Clinic is here for you-whatever lifestage you are in. We have a unique program called Ideal Protein that helps men and women, teens and adults, reach and maintain their weight loss goals! We understand the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that promotes a “healthy me” so we have added a registered dietitian to our staff who is dedicated to offering nutrition counseling to our patients and program participants. Don’t wait for your yearly exam to determine whether or not you are getting the right nutrients. Don’t surrender to obesity and malnutrition. Contact us at The Woman’s Clinic today so we can help you reach your nutritional goals and you can begin living the healthy life you’ve always wanted.