Watch Out For Summertime UTIs


Summer, fall, winter, and spring-there’s a season for everything. As we are diving into summer, it’s important to realize that there’s more to worry about than which beach you’re going to and what SPF sunscreen you need. As a woman, you also need to be aware of urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are much more common during the summer. 

What Is A UTI?

A UTI can be one of two types of infection, bacterial or viral, although bacterial infections are more common. The bacterial infection is caused by bacteria in the bladder, and in serious cases, can also travel up to the kidneys. You usually know you have a UTI by the trademark symptoms-burning while urinating, a frequent and intense urge to urinate, pain or pressure in the back or abdomen, cloudy or oddly smelling urine, and sometimes fever or chills.

So what does the summer have to do with an increased likelihood in having a UTI? Bacteria causes UTIs, and since bacteria flourish in warm, wet environments, many summer staple activities lend themselves to creating that environment. Some of the most common causes of summer UTIs are being in swimming pools, wearing wet underwear or swimsuits, taking baths, and dehydration. In order to avoid those summer UTI culprits, it’s important to change out of your wet bathing suit or underwear quickly, in addition to making sure you drink a lot of water, since frequent urinating flushes out the bacteria. 

In addition to the summer UTI culprits, we should also remember the ones that can affect you year round. It’s important to urinate or clean yourself after having sex, as well as practice daily good hygiene including always wearing clean underwear and wiping from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria.

How Are UTIs Treated?

If you suspect a UTI, take advantage of The Woman’s Clinic same day service Day Calls. Our triage nurse will assist you and discuss your symptoms and get you help as soon as possible. If you do have a UTI, we can prescribe a course of antibiotics to help cure it. In addition, you can manage some of your symptoms at home by staying well hydrated and frequently urinating.

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