Wrapping Up Infertility Awareness Week


Earlier this week we talked about the 10% of women who struggle to get pregnant. You can read the blog post here. Infertility Awareness Week is important to help those struggling women know that they are not alone and to encourage their friends to be sensitive to those struggles – to reach out in love.

This issue is especially important to us at The Woman’s Clinic. We recognize the impact of infertility on the lives of our patients because we have watched one of our own struggle with it in their own family. Dr. John Wooley and his wife, Becky, have walked this path together. Now, they would like to publicly share a bit of their story in the hopes that you can find it encouraging. 

“My husband, John, and I have just experienced our third daughter’s wedding (three weddings in less than five years – phew!) It’s hard to believe that we are at this point in our lives and that we now have three grown daughters and three wonderful sons-in-law. Over thirty-five years ago we thought that we would not be able to have children of our own and that we were destined for infertility forever. During that time we lived in a roller coaster of emotions – up and down – trying to get pregnant. After years of “trying,” many tests and doctors, starting adoption papers, everything you do at this stage – we did finally get pregnant and went on to have three healthy, happy children. John and I want to encourage those couples going through infertility to seek doctors’ advice and talk with other folks that have been on this path. Please know that you are not alone and out floundering by yourselves. Thirty-five years ago nobody really discussed infertility except in medical journals. Now there are many avenues for seeking advice and help. Personally, our experience has prodded me to talk to many others about going through our infertility and being an encourager. With my husband being an OB/GYN, it has helped him be very empathetic towards his patients experiencing infertility. Our hope and prayer for those couples is that they will seek help and counsel. As a side note – we are just about to become grandparents with our first grandchild due in June. What a blessing!”

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